Wire Rope Hoist

With more than 20 years industry experience in the crane industry, Khodiyar Engineers is Ahmedabad’s leading crane manufacturer and supplier. Our specially cranes and crane accessories made their way to countless businesses across India, helping them to operate efficiently and productively. We are also proud of that our Indian made products are increasingly being exported to international markets. So choose Khodiyar Engineers for your crane, spare parts and wire rope hoist needs.

Commonly used for large scale factories and construction or industrial work sites throughout Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, wire rope hoists are able to lift and load a large amount of weight.

Available in the premium range with an electric function, wire rope hoists have the capacity to lift and lower loads of up to 160 tonnes. If you want to update your worksite in Ahmedabad, a rope hoist is an essential addition that will make lifting heavy loads an ease.

How does a rope hoist work?

These hoists are typically comprised of a rope made of wire, and pulleys or sheaves that are essentially a pulley with a grooved rim to accommodate the wired rope.

A rope hoist operates in a similar fashion to the chain hoist, except it is much stronger, which means you’ll will be able to lift and lower heavy loads much faster with a wire rope hoist. Ahmedabad industrial and construction worksites will profit from the agility and strength of a rope hoist.

Make lifting and moving heavy weights at your manufacturing plant, factory or industrial worksite less of a chore, while creating a much safer workplace for all employees. Do you want to invest in a rope hoist for an Ahmedabad or any other in India worksite? Browse through our selection of hoists and give Khodiyar Engineers, Ahmedabad. Call on 098250 42452 to place your order with us.

Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

At Khodiyar Engineers, Ahmedabad also offers you complete Explosion Protection with your purchase. An adjunct apparatus for your wire rope hoist that provides condition monitoring within an explosion protected, and can give you full confidence and peace of mind at your worksite – along with helping you meet industry standards and regulations. For specialists in high quality engineering products including wire rope hoists, customers can call Khodiyar Engineers.

When it comes to quality rope hoist systems, parts and related services, Khodiyar Engineers Ahmedabad has the catalogue, expertise and product range to match your needs. Now you can improve efficiency at your worksite in Ahmedabad with wire rope hoist installations at your industrial facility – call us today on 098250 42452.


  • The Rope Hoists have a machined steel frame.
  • The Rope Drum is made from seamless pipes / steel plate grooved to take full lift without over-winding.
  • The Drum Shaft has ball bearings to ensure smooth running with gears fitted on anti-friction ball bearings in oil bath lubrication.
  • The Motor confirms as per IS-325.
  • The Forged Hooks abide to IS-15560 or equivalent.
  • The Rope Guides are attached to prolong rope life.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists Range:

  • Wire Rope Hoists (Standard)
  • Curvature Type Hoists
  • High Lift Hoists
  • Wire Rope Hoists (German Type)
  • Flame Proof Hoist / Explosion Proof Wire Rope Hoist
  • Low Space Hoists

Built for Industrial Performance

We understand that purchasing a crane is a big investment and that choosing the right hoist is imperative in the lifting process – after all, without the hoist, safe heavy lifting would not be possible! Our talented engineers have our hoists for industrial performance so that you get an electric wire rope hoist that can withstand heavy duty lifting and prolongs wear and tear.

When you choose a Khodiyar Engineers’s wire rope hoist, you are getting a top of the line product that has been manufactured to high engineering standards, using the best quality materials so that you get one that does the job and is built to last. Our hoists can handle loads from 250kgs to 200 tonne so weight is no issue. Our electric hoists also come in a variety of options such as single girder, double girder, monorail and foot mounted. They are easy to cost effective, easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain and are safe to operate. What more could you want?


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