Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer Ahmedabad

Single Girder EOT Crane

If you need an associate overhead crane or bridge crane with up to 20 Tonnes capability with a brief to medium span, then single girder crane may be an efficient choice. meant for low to medium duty cycles, these cranes area unit ideal for production and producing outlets that move moderate hundreds. on the market in prime or beneath running, with low headroom wire rope hoist.

The single girder overhead frame ranges from one, 1000 kg to 32 tonnes capability with duties starting from M3 to M6.
The hoist unit is accessible in traditional headroom and low headroom configuration. Single girder gantries return on the market with single or double hoists, pendant or radio management, and electrical converter motor drives.

At Khodiyar Engineers, we tend to manufacture Overhead Cranes and Bridge Cranes that supply exceptional responsibility and dependableness at competitive costs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We offers Single Girder EOT Crane which cost effective solution due to their low dead weight. They provide greater floor coverage than other types of Overhead Cranes.

When choosing associate Overhead Crane it’s necessary to first perceive the requirements of your system and choose a product which will offer a reliable answer in your specific atmosphere that works along with your facilities structural capabilities. Single Girder prime Running Overhead Cranes area unit designed to travel on prime of a runway system that may be either supported by built columns or existing building columns. Our cooperative approach ensures that the Overhead Crane System you decide on exceeds your expectations for not solely quality however responsibility. we tend to assess your facilities capabilities, value the requirements of the system, verify weight and span necessities, and advocate systems that area unit tailored to your specific wants.

Khodiyar Engineers partners with industry leading suppliers to supply exceptional elements and elements once coming up with and manufacturing Overhead Crane Systems. What meaning are we offer our Customers with solely the foremost innovative and technologically advanced elements once coming up with and producing a Crane System. Single Girder Cranes are made in accordance with the duty classification as per IS-3177. Single Girder Overhead Cranes are manufactured with adequate factor of safety in compliance with the IS-807.

Our years of experience in the industry Overhead and Bridge Crane Manufacturing sets us apart from the competition and how we can increase productivity and safety at your facility!

Single Girder Cranes are such with twin speed operation a bit like alternative styles of crane beside choices for radio control and advanced features.

When ordering one single girder overhead crane you may have the choice of an electrical Wire Rope Hoist or Chain Hoist. Most customers mistreatment the Crane for larger capacities or more frequently choose Wire Rope as this can be an additional sturdy and efficient answer within the future. The hoist travels on the lowest rim of the crane beam to offer full coverage of the crane’s span.

Single Girder EOT Crane Specifications:
o Used for heavier loads and longer spans
o Offer advantage of low headroom
o All components are carefully selected for ‘Crane Duty’ applications.
o The structural parts of the Bridge Cranes are manufactured as per IS-807.


An overhead bridge crane is designed in a single girder or double girder. In straightforward terms, a bridge girder, or beam, is that the support structure that enables the trolley and hoists to move from side-to-side along the bridge. The trolley is employed to exactly position the hoist before raising or lowering a load.

To a degree, each single and double girder cranes area unit equal in strength and durability. The most distinction between the two comes all the way down to hook height, or however high higher than the bottom your hoist will carry. A Double Girder Crane will offer additional hook height as a result of the hoist is placed on prime of the girders, rather than below them.

There area unit some instances wherever a double girder or single girder configuration could also be the higher choice in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Single Girder – The bridge consists of one girder beam supported on either side by associate finish truck. The trolley car and hoist area unit most typically underhung – meaning they run on the lowest rim of the bridge. They additionally tend to be less costly due to:

Only one girder is required to move the trolley
Reduction in freight expenses
Faster installation
Simpler hoist and trolley

What style of Crane Do I Need?
When you purchase hoist, parameters got to supply as followings:
1. Lifting capability
2. Lifting height
3. Working class (How many hours the crane will work in one working day)
4. The Voltage, frequency
5. The beam model to match (I beam or box sort beam)
6. Does power provider system?
7. Hoist model (wire rope hoist or chain hoist, if chain hoist, manual type or electrical sort, manual motorized trolley)
8. Working environment (temperature, humidity, elevation)

When you purchase complete crane, parameters got to supply as followings:
1. What reasonably crane? (overhead crane, Gantry crane, suspension crane, the lifting mechanism is hoist type or winch type)
2. what’s the aim of the crane? Or what you carry with the crane?
3. Lifting capability
4. Span (you will provide workshop layout or the workshop length and width)
5. Lifting height
6. Working conditions (how many hours the crane work in one day, how about weight you lift at one time? how long time only in one working period? how many the cycle times in one day?)
7. Working environment (temperature, humidity, elevation)
8. The Voltage, frequency
9. Wind speed (when need gantry crane)
10.Do you have some special functions requests? (Working area, intelligent functions etc.)

These EOT Cranes are known for providing cost-effective solutions due to their low dead weight. Moreover, these cranes provide greater floor coverage than any other type of Overhead Cranes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Think long-run
When you consider these questions, things can be a bit overwhelming, but it could make the difference between simply spending some money on an overhead lifting system and investing in a system to improve your operations, increase worker safety and efficiency, and improve product quality.

Every project encompasses a budget. In an attempt to manage project prices, some customers take into account inappropriate crane types that may be risky, typically greatly reducing the effectiveness of the Crane and, within the long-standing time, wasting money. Beginning with an associate honest analysis of your lifting wants is of predominant importance in choosing a crane for your manufacturing plant.

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Jib Cranes

Do you need a suitable crane unit for a small worksite in Ahmedabad? Jib cranes are an ideal option for individual workstations or where there is insufficient space for a travelling overhead gantry crane.

Jib cranes come in a number of different styles and types but do not utilize a runway or track system.

They can be stand-alone or column / wall-mounted and offer a wide variety of capacities, heights, and spans.

Jib cranes are space-saving, economical, and are ideal for jobs like maneuvering or moving items for assembly within a smaller radius. They can typically offer 180-360° of rotation, and even small ones can hoist several tons of material.
The best way to determine what type of jib crane is best for your application is to consider the following:

  • What type of operation or usage will this equipment see?
  • What height clearances or spans are required in this work area?
  • Is there available support structure available for mounting, or will this be a standalone unit—(floor, wall, and ceiling)?
  • What other special options or considerations are required?
  • What is the available budget for the system and installation?

There are several jib crane models on the market, and although used for the same purpose, every jib crane is used for specific lifting application and they are different in terms of their structure, operation, configuration and specifications.

A jib crane is a type of crane where the horizontal part of the crane, known as a jib, supports a movable hoist that is either fixed to a wall (wall mounted jib crane) or to a floor mounted column (free standing jib crane). These cranes are ideal for use within industrial and manufacturing environments.

Khodiyar Engineers is Ahmedabad’s leading jib crane supplier and manufacturer. We can build a jib crane with capacities of up to 10 tonnes as well as a reach of 10 metres. Our jib cranes provide versatile lifting and radial travel through the full 360 degrees if required.

Our JIB Cranes are extensively used in:

  • Fitting & fabrication workstations
  • Building Maintenance
  • Plant room maintenance
  • Marine loading and maintenance
  • Machine centre loading and maintenance to name a few applications

Features & Benefits

Khodiyar Engineers jib cranes offer excellent floor coverage and low headroom to guarantee you maximise useable floor space and height of lift available.

Unique Khodiyar Engineers features include:

  • Precision upper pivot roller bearing
  • Easy set, self adjusting slew brake
  • Range of models available from full manual to fully powered operation
  • Wall, column or freestanding mounts available
  • Industry leading Hyperspeed technology optional across the entire range.
  • High quality enamel paint with optional 2-pak or client specific systems.
  • Extensive range of optional extras.

Jib Cranes Ranges:

    • 250 kg Jib Crane
    • 500 kg Jib Crane
    • 1 Ton Wall Mounted Jib Crane
    • 1.5 Ton Floor Mounted Jib Crane
    • 2 Ton Pillar and Wall Mounted Jib Cranes
    • 2.5 Ton Wall Travelling Jib Cranes

Khodiyar Engineers to your rescue

Whether you’re after free standing jib cranes or wall mounted jib cranes, Khodiyar Engineers can help you with the right jib crane solution. Factors to consider when selecting your crane:

  • Capacity (tonnes)
  • Span (m) The clear distance between your building columns.
  • Height of Lift (m)
  • Hoisting Speed (m/min)
  • Travel Speeds (m/min)
  • Duty

For more assistance on determining the right jib crane for your lifting needs, turn to Ahmedabad’s crane professionals at Khodiyar Engineers. We can simplify your crane problem and offer real solutions. Contact us now on 098250 42452.

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Goliath Cranes Manufacturer Ahmedabad
Goliath Cranes

Goliath Cranes

Our Goliath Cranes are self motivated cranes that run on rails which are installed at the ground level. These cranes are widely accepted alternative to elevated bridge cranes and their installation is near to impossible. We provide these cranes to fulfill the requirements of construction and infrastructure development. Our cranes are used at open warehouses & docks and bulk storage areas.

The Goliath cranes are the self-propelled cranes that are installed on ground level. These run on rails that are mounted on ground level at lower elevation. The cranes are installed with assembly platforms and walkways and are suitable for the maintenance of workshop fittings.

Salient Features :

  • Modular in light in weight
  • It is noise free with over load ( weight ) tripping facility
  • Hardened and ground gear box
  • Fully machined end trucks and main body
  • Smooth and jerk less operations
  • Load display on girder
  • Joystick control
  • Power saving

Applications :

  • Mines and quarries
  • Shipping yards
  • Construction sites
  • Heavy fabrication unit and contracting firms
  • Loading and unloading trucks
  • Heavy pipe lying in trenches
  • Erection of bulk equipment
  • Shifting of heavy load


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Double Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer Ahmedabad

Double Girder EOT Crane

Double girder cranes are the best option when the crane needs to be customized with things like walkways, cabs, magnet cable reels, or other specialized equipment.

If you need a strong lifting solution which can lift heavier loads than a Single Girder Crane model, then a Double Girder Overhead Crane is the most likely option to meet your requirements. Able to work to high levels of intensity, they’ll take the stress out of processes and increase productivity, lifting loads of up to 120 tonnes. Double Girder Overhead Cranes are suited to all kinds of buildings and spaces, and can be built to fit your existing building.

Khodiyar Engineers is a proud Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India manufacturer of cranes, crane spare parts and other lifting attachments. Since 1991, we have worked tirelessly to bring our customers innovative crane solutions that embrace the latest in technological advancements.

Our double girder cranes are extremely popular and are available in capacities of up to 200 tonnes and spans up to 45 metres.
Khodiyar Engineers double girder cranes represent outstanding value for money and quality in the heavy duty crane division.

These cranes are used extensively in:

  • Automotive Press Shops
  • Foundries
  • Power Stations and Heavy Maintenance
  • Ship Building and Heavy Fabrication Industries

Khodiyar Engineers double girder cranes feature heavy duty construction for your hard working application whilst high performance reeving options ensure productivity demands are easily achieved. So maximize your output and reduce downtime by choosing Khodiyar Engineers for all your crane needs.

Overhead Crane Specialists

So if you’re after a double girder crane that is built to last, performs better for longer, improves safety and reduces operating costs, choose a crane by Khodiyar Engineers. To find out why we are Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India’s most trusted crane experts contact us now for an obligation-free consultation on 098250 42452.

Factors to consider when selecting your crane

    • Capacity (tonnes)
    • Span (m) The clear distance between your building columns.
    • Height of Lift (m)
    • Hoisting Speed (m/min)
    • Travel Speeds (m/min)
    • Duty
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HOT Cranes Manufacturer
HOT Cranes
Hot crane Manufacturer Ahmedabad

HOT Cranes

Khodiyar Engineers is well known Ahmedabad based Overhead HOT (Hand Operated) Cranes, Battery Operated Cranes, manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India.

We manufacturers and exporters a range of material handling equipment cranes as per Indian standard IS 807, 3177, 3938 & 4137, It generally comes with over 70 tons capacity.

H.O.T Crane is a Hand Operated overhead traveling crane. Overhead traveling cranes are both single girder and double girder and have a capacity ranging from 500 kg to 50,000 kg capacity.


  •  Safe Working Load: 500 kgs to 50,000 kgs
  •  Span: 3 mtrs to 30 mtrs
  •  Height of Lift: As per customer specifications
  •  Class of Duty / Standards: M4 as per IS 3177 / IS 807

Khodiyar Engineers prides itself on customizing equipment exclusively as per client requirements. Customization is achieved by a mix of standard components.

Khodiyar Engineers also offers custom-engineered hoisting solutions for various industries.

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gantry cranes manufacturer
gantry cranes manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Gantry Cranes

If you’re looking for a high performing, top quality gantry crane to complete your lifting project, you’re in reliable hands with Khodiyar Engineers. Our overhead gantry cranes are built to the highest engineering standards using advanced technology, so you save time, save money and increase productivity.

Gantry Overhead Cranes are mainly for outdoor use, where the crane is required to have extra height in order to be able to carry out all of its functions. They are predominantly used in shipyards and other similar environments, where a tall crane structure is needing for lifting over and around large, bulky objects.

​​At Khodiyar Engineers, we manufacture Overhead Cranes and Bridge Cranes that offer exceptional reliability and dependability at competitive prices.

When selecting an Overhead Crane it is important to first understand the needs of your system and select a product that will provide a reliable solution in your particular environment, that works with your facilities structural capabilities. Single Girder Top Running Overhead Cranes are designed to travel on top of a runway system that can be either supported by engineered columns or existing building columns. Our collaborative approach ensures that the Overhead Crane System you select exceeds your expectations for not only quality but reliability. We assess your facilities capabilities, evaluate the needs of the system, determine weight and span requirements, and recommend systems that are tailored to your specific needs.

Khodiyar Engineers partners with industry leading suppliers to offer exceptional parts and components when designing and manufacturing Overhead Crane Systems. What that means is we provide our Customers with only the most innovative and technologically advanced components when manufacturing a Crane System.

Our years of experience in the industry Overhead and Bridge Crane Manufacturing sets us apart from the competition and how we can increase productivity and safety at your facility!

As on of Ahmedabad’s leading gantry crane suppliers, Khodiyar Engineers manufactures gantry cranes to suit all applications, in lacing the single girder gantry crane and the double girder gantry crane. Our gantry cranes are used within a number of industries and ours are particularly popular within the mining, general fabrication, precast concrete and ship building industries just to name a few.

Key Features

Khodiyar Engineers can create a heavy duty customized gantry crane to suit your purposes. We create and build the following types of gantry cranes:
• Single Girder Gantry Cranes – 1t to 32t Capacity, 6m to 45m spans, Leg heights to 20m
• Double Girder Gantry Cranes – 10t to 200t Capacity, 6m to 45m spans, Leg heights to 20m

Other Features

• Line bored one piece end carriages ensuring precise alignment and smooth travelling motions
• Full penetration sub-arc welded girders for ultimate strength and fatigue resistance.
• Industry leading innovations including our popular Hyper speed and i-glide technology.
• Superior quality enamel paint with optional 2-pak or client specified systems.

You won’t even have to lift a finger

So if you need some heavy lifting done, you won’t go wrong with Khodiyar Enginneers, Ahmedabad’s leading overhead and gantry cranes manufacture and supplier. Let us create the right gantry crane solution for your needs. Call us now on 098250 42452 and let us shoulder your lifting burden, so you won’t have to!

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