Industrial Transfer Cars Trolley

“ABL Accurate” has a wide range of Industrial Transfer Cars Trolley to suit the job and application. This Motorized Transfer Trolley is used on Rail / Square bar for definite travel in Painting shops, quarries, Warehouses and multi-bay workshops for transferring loads.

The Trolleys are non-standard considering pay load. Various parameters for considering the pay load include the Dimension of the load, Point Loading / U.D.Load, Speed, Length, Width & Height. The Structure is made out of IS-2062 M.S. structural steel and wheels are made from Alloy steel to suit the load and profile of Rail / Square Bar.

The top platform can be a chequered plate – Plain or with a turning table in paint shop or with perforated sheets, depending upon the application.

Power feeding is done through Cable Reeling Drum, Insulated Shrouded System and Contactors Power Systems.

Applications: Transfer Cars Trolleys

  • Steel Yards: Plates / Billets / Bars / Coils etc.
  • Handling Molten Metal Ladle
  • Painting Shop
  • Shipyards
  • Transfer within Sheds etc.
  • Turn Table
  • Workshops

Transfer Cars Trolley Range:

  • 10 Ton Motorized Transfer Trolleys
  • 15 Ton Material Transfer Carts Trolleys
  • 20 Ton Electric Transfer Carts
  • 30 Ton Industrial Transfer Carts for Material Handlings
  • 40 Ton Industrial Material Transfer Cars Trolleys


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