Quality Lab Testing Virtual Performance

“Khodiyar Engineers” has established a state-of the art quality lab that virtually creates the situation of your site of performance and then runs test audits on the final product quality; while following total quality management principles during the course of manufacturing. We test each and every hoist confirming to the international standards.

“Khodiyar Engineers” testing facilities for a hoist consists of a crane comprising of different girder capacities to suit different girder sizes. Each hoist at Khodiyar Engineers is suspended in the above crane with the help of “Khodiyar Engineers” scissor table and tested for hoisting & cross travel considering virtual site usage. The testing arrangement is capable of testing wire rope hoists up to 50 Tones. Also for end user & third party inspection special Electrical Panel to witness data is provided along with a detailed instruction manual. All products are tested on 25% overload as per Indian Standard A 300 Tons load testing facility for Crane crab is also available along with dynamometer.


Materials used for equipment and structural members i.e. M.S. Plates, Bars, Etc. shall be tested as per specifications from approved laboratories.

Hardening & Stress relieving tests for Wheels, Gear Box castings, Gears & Pinions is done as per IS Specifications from reputed Vendors in a Induction furnace.

All butt welds are subject to tension area are radio graphically tested and routine D.P.Test are carried out as per All non-load taking welds are examined internally as per standards.

Functional tests of control panels are conducted by means of simulating working condition for insulation resistance test & voltage tests.

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