Jib Cranes

Do you need a suitable crane unit for a small worksite in Ahmedabad? Jib cranes are an ideal option for individual workstations or where there is insufficient space for a travelling overhead gantry crane.

Jib cranes come in a number of different styles and types but do not utilize a runway or track system.

They can be stand-alone or column / wall-mounted and offer a wide variety of capacities, heights, and spans.

Jib cranes are space-saving, economical, and are ideal for jobs like maneuvering or moving items for assembly within a smaller radius. They can typically offer 180-360° of rotation, and even small ones can hoist several tons of material.
The best way to determine what type of jib crane is best for your application is to consider the following:

  • What type of operation or usage will this equipment see?
  • What height clearances or spans are required in this work area?
  • Is there available support structure available for mounting, or will this be a standalone unit—(floor, wall, and ceiling)?
  • What other special options or considerations are required?
  • What is the available budget for the system and installation?

There are several jib crane models on the market, and although used for the same purpose, every jib crane is used for specific lifting application and they are different in terms of their structure, operation, configuration and specifications.

A jib crane is a type of crane where the horizontal part of the crane, known as a jib, supports a movable hoist that is either fixed to a wall (wall mounted jib crane) or to a floor mounted column (free standing jib crane). These cranes are ideal for use within industrial and manufacturing environments.

Khodiyar Engineers is Ahmedabad’s leading jib crane supplier and manufacturer. We can build a jib crane with capacities of up to 10 tonnes as well as a reach of 10 metres. Our jib cranes provide versatile lifting and radial travel through the full 360 degrees if required.

Our JIB Cranes are extensively used in:

  • Fitting & fabrication workstations
  • Building Maintenance
  • Plant room maintenance
  • Marine loading and maintenance
  • Machine centre loading and maintenance to name a few applications

Features & Benefits

Khodiyar Engineers jib cranes offer excellent floor coverage and low headroom to guarantee you maximise useable floor space and height of lift available.

Unique Khodiyar Engineers features include:

  • Precision upper pivot roller bearing
  • Easy set, self adjusting slew brake
  • Range of models available from full manual to fully powered operation
  • Wall, column or freestanding mounts available
  • Industry leading Hyperspeed technology optional across the entire range.
  • High quality enamel paint with optional 2-pak or client specific systems.
  • Extensive range of optional extras.

Jib Cranes Ranges:

    • 250 kg Jib Crane
    • 500 kg Jib Crane
    • 1 Ton Wall Mounted Jib Crane
    • 1.5 Ton Floor Mounted Jib Crane
    • 2 Ton Pillar and Wall Mounted Jib Cranes
    • 2.5 Ton Wall Travelling Jib Cranes

Khodiyar Engineers to your rescue

Whether you’re after free standing jib cranes or wall mounted jib cranes, Khodiyar Engineers can help you with the right jib crane solution. Factors to consider when selecting your crane:

  • Capacity (tonnes)
  • Span (m) The clear distance between your building columns.
  • Height of Lift (m)
  • Hoisting Speed (m/min)
  • Travel Speeds (m/min)
  • Duty

For more assistance on determining the right jib crane for your lifting needs, turn to Ahmedabad’s crane professionals at Khodiyar Engineers. We can simplify your crane problem and offer real solutions. Contact us now on 098250 42452.


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