Electric Chain Hoists

Electric Chain Hoists can be used at a workstation, on an overhead travelling crane, or with a jib crane. They come in either fixed or push trolley as everyone’s needs are different. Khodiyar Engineers stocks a wide variety of Chain Hoists with a loading range from 500KG – 2Tonne.

Wire Rope Hoist Manufacture in Ahmedabad

At Khodiyar Engineers, our electric chain hoists are adaptable for use in a number of industries. Thanks to our wide range of chain hoists with different loading ranges you can easily find the right hoist to meet your site’s unique requirements. With our years of experience and our passionate focus on your needs, you can trust Khodiyar Engineers to provide you with the best hoist for to suit your requirements. From Ahmedabad, to Delhi, and everywhere in between Khodiyar Engineers can supply you with the electric chain hoist that you are looking for.

Khodiyar Engineers provide wide range of electric hoists offers choice, variety and quality and can be supplied hook suspended or with a monorail trolley. They are available in capacities from 125kg up to 10000kg through four different types of hoist, they are all great quality hoists with their own unique key features.

Khodiyar Engineers is one of the Ahmedabad’s largest and most professional lifting equipment manufacturers. All of the Khodiyar Engineers’ chain hoists are available and on-line in this category the hoists are manufactured by both Khodiyar Engineers has an excellent range that covers by far the majority of all the electric chain hoist enquiries we receive.

We offer electric chain hoist which is a very small and lightweight hook suspended hoist at 125kg or 250kg SWL. The CPV range of electric chain hoists are from 125kg to 2000kg and the CPV from 1600kg to 10 tonne which are available assembled to our customers’ choice.


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